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Links: Slave Markets in Manhattan, the Victorians of New York and More

"Trude and I Masked" by Alice Austen

“Trude and I Masked” (Alice Austen)

  • You’ll never guess where this memorial to Abraham Lincoln is located. [The Bowery Boys]
  • Speaking of Lincoln, check out what happened to two brothers who witnessed his funeral procession. [Ephemeral New York]
  • Before Humans of New York, there was Alice Austen, who snapped these photos of New Yorkers during the Victorian era. [Mashable]
  • If you’ve already filed your taxes, read this story about the history of Tax Day in the West Village. If you haven’t filed your taxes… get on that. [Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation]
  • The site of a former slave market that operated for more than 50 years in Lower Manhattan will be identified with a historical marker this summer. [WNYC]
  • Now that the weather is (finally) nice again, why not explore the oldest cemetery in Queens? [Brownstoner]
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